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Chris White, Owner
NI has awarded Mr. White dual certification for his LabVIEW expertise.  In the words of NI, Certified Developer “demonstrates advanced knowledge and experience” while Certified Architect “demonstrates mastery.”
Mr. White's experience with LabVIEW dates continuously back to 1996.  His record of data acquisition and control experience began in 1993 with the development of C-based control software for a robotic arm.  Mr. White's graduate thesis research involved synchronized imaging and motion control.  He has worked in test engineering for a turbo machinery manufacturer and in product development for an electronics industry startup.  Recently, Mr. White developed the automated data systems for a large-scale physics experiment.  He can interface with technicians, mechanics, engineers, managers, researchers, and customers; he understands their varied application needs.
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Furthermore, “a Certified Architect has mastered not only the technical aspects of the product, but can implement the most efficient solution in a team environment.  A Certified Architect is the highest level of certification available from National Instruments, and signifies the ability to lead complex projects from conception through completion.”
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